My First Blog!

Welcome to my first blog post!!! As I thought about this first one, I went to the source of all information – It was no surprise to me to discover a blog that led you through a four-step process on how to write your first blog. ( How great is that?

Step #1: Tell about who you are Well, I know that with age I am getting a bit more cynical but why would any one read my blog that didn’t already know who I was?!?!? But since I am such a rule follower…

Team Jenkins and Aunt Beck

Above all else, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. I am not politically correct but pray that I am gracious and kind any way. I set a high bar for myself and those around me. I am loyal to my friends and take great joy in being called Aunt Beck by my southern kids or Aunty Becky by my Canadian kids. I am black and white and because of that will find my foot in my mouth at times.

Step #2: Why are you blogging I really believe that because of the path that the Lord has me on, blogging is the next right thing to do.

Step #3: What will you be blogging about Mostly I will blog about events and situations that may trigger food for thought in your mind – as it did in mine. The topics will range from red-hot political issues to red-hot ball players; from great books to great exercise songs; and from personal musings to personal vents.

Step #4: How can a reader leave feedback I welcome any feedback – positive or negative – especially since I am such a black and white kind of gal. I would also desire that your comments would build community as my friends and family read from individuals that they only know through my photos. I will moderate the comments and respond as appropriate.

I am humbled and amazed that you read this far. Thanks!