National Day of Prayer

Since it is the National Day of Prayer, I have stopped to consider my own prayer life. Unfortunately, I find myself lacking in my intercessory prayer - for my family, my friends, my church and my nation. Two reasons I know that this happens in my life is because I am lazy and because of the sin of unbelief. I decided to check emails rather than pray. I watch another episode of CSI instead of bowing the knee for those I love. And because of unbelief I just won't pray because in my heart of hearts I doubt if God can do anything about that situation. Each year my pastor selects a devotional for our church to do as a body and this year he selected Walk with God by Chris Tiegreen ( A recent devotion was wonderful and really spurs me on to both prayer and obedience. Below is an excerpt of that and I found the last part especially profound.

"Have you struggled with unanswered prayer? There are numerous possible reasons that God may withhold His answers, but consider this one: Have you submitted to His authority? It only makes sense that if we are going to appeal to His authority that we would be expected to live under it. When we rebel against His will and then ask Him to accomplish His will, we are contradicting ourselves. But when we submit to His will, we are lining ourselves up with the flowing current of creation. We are ready to experience the power of prayer." [emphasis added]

Wow!  I want to be lined up with the flowing current of creation, how about you? May we experience the power of prayer not just on the 2nd Thursday in May but each day as we choose to obey and believe.