Legacy Part 1



Africa 2001

Romania 2003

Romania 2003

I have been blessed to travel the world – to live in Russia, to go to Africa three times, to visit Romania, Canada and El Salvador and live with the people. Our nation is not perfect but it is the greatest nation in the world today. Not everyone that I met desired to come to America – they loved their country as well – but they all acknowledged the influence that America carries and said they prayed for our country often. May the nation we leave for our children and grandchildren be one of greatness.

With that in mind, I want to share my thoughts over the next few blogs about the impact the issue of abortion has on our great nation.

War in Iraq: Some people that I talk with desire for the end of the war in Iraq – an immediate stoppage and an immediate pulling out. When asked, “Why?” most respond, “The deaths have to stop.” My response is yes – the deaths have to stop so let’s start in the area were the most deaths occur – abortion. In any given year since 1975, over 1 million abortions have been performed. (1)  The number of causalities of all of the American wars combined has been just over 1.3 million. (2) Please understand me – the over 4,000 deaths in the War in Iraq have been tragic but these are voluntary men and women who have made the heroic choice to serve their country and the countries of the world. The over 2,700 abortions that are performed daily in America are on defenseless

Russia in 1997

human beings (unique, one of a kind DNA has been created immediately upon conception.) The greatness of any nation is not on how the weak serve the strong but how the strong take care of the weak.

Next week, I will share my thoughts concerning abortion and its impact on immigration and border control.


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