I've Heard It said, "The world is going to hell in a hand basket..."

Not too long ago, a friend and I were sitting around bemoaning the state of affairs in our country today and if we said it once we said it 100 times, "The world is going to hell in a hand basket."  Crime is up.  Jobs are down. Retirement accounts are disappearing.  Fidelity in marriage is blase.  Integrity in business is naive.  And the list went on and on!! Then it (I think it was the Holy Spirit) hit me that all that might be true but it is not true at 5800 Lumberdale #37 - my little corner of the world.  It is not true at the two homes in S. Houston called LifeHouse.  Yes, the world is a mess and the list is long that points out the social ills in our land.  But it is not the WHOLE world and if more of us (beginning with me), lived out a different way of life then the world just might change.

What if instead of always looking out for ourselves, we started to defer to others, how different would it be?  What if instead of demanding our rights, we started living up to our responsibilities?  What if instead of spending more on things that will never satisfy, we started giving to those who have nothing?

And to those of us who claim to be Christian - what if instead of bowing to idols, we started destroying those idols?  What if instead of treating the Word of God as a Sunday only thing, we started reading it daily?  What if instead of being self-followers, we started being a Christ follower?  What if instead of trying to find our satisfaction in things that will never remain, we sought satisfaction in eternal things?

What if...?  Oh God, let it begin in me.