New Season for Becky Begins 1/10/10

iStock_000003898245XSmallIt was a warm, August day in Raleigh, NC as I sat across a mother of two who was once a college coed in the Sunday school class I taught. It is always a joy to be with my former "girls" and watch as the Lord has made them into Godly women. Anyway, she asked me, "Becky, why don't you teach a Sunday school class now?" "Well, Steph, I really think I don't because no one asked." As the Lord would have it, less than 48 hours later, Carolyn O'Neal, women's director at Houston's First Baptist Church calls and asks me if I would pray about teaching a class. Once again, "here's your sign." At first the thought was to start in September but it was just too close so we will launch the new class on 1/10/10 at 8:20 am. I am so excited!!

The new class is for women of all ages and is named Titus 2. In Titus 2, there is a clear call for the older women to teach the younger woman. It is a call that is lived out way more often through modeling than through teaching. The Titus 2 class will illuminate the Word and provide practical ways to live out this biblical mandate. Together we will unite to encounter the Lord in a personal and profound way.

Each day over the next 30 days, I will be posting a new prayer request for the class via twitter (@kbeck) and facebook. Would you please join me in prayer? And if you are ever in Houston on Sunday at 8:20 am, please come by and join us!