Favorite Memory 2009

One of the most common comments I hear from people, “You are always going somewhere.”  And it is true.  I am blessed to have friends all over the world with an open invitation to come.  There is Julia in San Salvador, El Salvador who always asks me to come to their lake house.  Or Joan and her wanting me to come to Orlando for some “Becky” time.  There is ice-skating available for most of the year in Karrie’s home in Brandon, Manitoba.  And of course how much I love going to see Vicki and her family on the beach in Edisto Island, South Carolina. But the most special place for me is in Auburn, Georgia with Team Jenkins.  Why so special?  I have my own room.  When Andrea and Bowdie were building their dream home, they talked about Aunt Beck’s bedroom but I thought it would be a guest room and that is where I would stay.  It was to be on the 2nd floor right next to the boys’ room.  Well, I knew it was a bit more when Andrea called and asked me what color I wanted the walls to be.  What a joy to sleep in that yellow room for the first time in the Spring of 2008!

Well, this past September when I came for a visit I was humbled by the love and acceptance Andrea demonstrated to me.  When I told her I was coming she rebuked me a bit since I had not given her much notice (I think it was less than a week) and when I walked into the room I saw what she had been up to.  My room was not only yellow but totally decorated with photos of the boys and I.



There was a bulletin board with notes of why the boys and Andrea and Bowdie love me (I am such a “words” girl.)

Aunt Becky's the best because when I make a train track she says, "Good job." ~Jacob

One thing I love about Aunt Becky is she takes us to Waffle House. ~Jarrett

I love it when Aunt Becky toks me to wofol hous. ~Blaine

We love Aunt Becky because she prays specifically for our boys on a regular basis.  ~Bo & An

Andrea had even set up a desk in my room with my own coffee mug to have my quiet times.



This is one of my favorite memories from 2009! What is one of your favorite memories?