The Great Adventure

Compass As I mentioned in yesterday's post, God has me on a new race - a new adventure - and I am thrilled!!!  Right now I do have a road map of sorts and a Compass that always points True.  So, to answer the questions that I am hearing from so many dear friends and family, this is what I am up to...

Stewardship Consulting God has opened several doors of opportunity in this area.  People have been contacting me and asking if I would be willing to help them.  I have several projects lined up that will pay the bills for the next few months – praise the Lord and have several more strong prospects.

The essence of what I am doing is summed up in the tag line, “Serving Others...Better.”  I am coming alongside those who are serving, ministering, touching others and help them do it even better – especially in the areas of fundraising and operational excellence.  Helping them be better in the stewardship of their time and treasure.  Be looking for a tab real soon on this website that says “Consulting” so that will have more information.

Writing a Book This is really a God-calling!  For years, I have been encouraged by many to write a book but I have never done it because I did not have the time and it was too much work.  Well, at least one of those excuses is out the window and after writing 15,000+ words so far the second excuse is becoming less formidable.  The book is primarily autobiographical and many never get in a published form but for now I am clearly called to write it and we will go from there.

The Master’s Program for Women (TMPW) I am probably most excited about this opportunity.  The mission of TMPW is "To prepare Christian leaders to change their world and build God's Kingdom through their irresistible lifestyles and influential works of service."  It is a 3 year long program that is comprised of 12 interactive meetings (one a quarter), 12 notebooks filled with practical, hands on information, almost 30 books and, of course, personal coaching from me.

To accomplish the mission, TMPW teaches LifeMastery.  The first year is focused on the personal realm (body, mind, soul and spirit).  In this realm one exercises discipline.  The second year is focused on the family and professional realm (marriage, children, career/volunteerism and resources).  In this realm one exercises authority.  And lastly, the third year is focused on the Kingdom realm (the Church and the world).

The first session for Houston will be Thursday, September 16th.  However, I know that God will open other cities (i.e. Atlanta, Tampa, Dallas, etc.) as I continue to seek His face and find favor with Him and His people.

There you have it!  Steve Curtis Chapman was right on when he sang, "This is a life like no other - this is The Great Adventure."  And, what a Great Adventure I am on!!!

So, what about you?  Are you in an at-ease position or are you at the ready?  What Great Adventure are you on?