How TMPW Impacted My Life - Part 4

As I shared in my earlier blogs, TMPW has impacted my life in profound ways but the last way I want to share is really the coolest way. As an Activator (see earlier blog), dreaming is challenging to me because I don't daydream, I just do it as soon as I think it.Writing However, TMPW forced me to get in that settled place and make a list of dreams.  What is so amazing about making a list is that things on the list just start to happen.  I believe there are two reasons for this...the power of the mind and the awesomeness of God.  When we write things down, our mind begins working on it - even if it is subconscious.  I also believe that when God sees us write it down He believes us and begins making things happen to accomplish it.  He wants to give us the desires of our heart when we are fixed on Him. Through the exercise I also began dreaming beyond myself.  Because of my self-reliance and independence (read "pride" here), I struggle to dream beyond my capabilities.  By using the tools given to me by TMPW I can dream on a whole different level and I so look forward to the amazing things the Dream Master will do in my life in the next 12 months, 3 years, decade.

Come start discovering your dreams!  First meeting is this week!!  Please contact me to let me know if you would like to come or have any further questions.