Living in the Moment

The air is warm as the city electricity was just cut off and the generator has not kicked in yet.  In some ways, this is my favorite time of the day because there is no humming. You know – the humming that comes from all the electrical equipment running.  The hum of the AC.  The buzzing of the refrigerator.  The whirling of the computer hard drive.  The running of the pool pump.  They have all been silenced with the flip of a switch.  It is amazing to realize such peace in the middle of a war zone. Eventually the silence is broken as overhead a helicopter flies by as another dignitary is being taxied into the safe area.  (It is cheaper to hire a helicopter than a personal security detail.) The haunting sounds of the noon call for prayer are beginning to wander into my room.  The guard has gone and switched on the generator and all is humming again.

However, the wonderful thing is that the Peace remains as I continue to be still before Him.  I am so grateful for the transforming work of the Holy Spirit in my life as it was not too many years (maybe even months) back that I would have panicked, literally, with the thought of having to spend so much time alone.  So much time not being entertained by the television or not hanging out with friends or not having a long list of to-dos done or not being able to go to a gym and work out.

You see, I am writing this while in the Middle East teaching English at a language institute.  Because of some peaceful religious activities, there were extensive road closures and the institute shut down for three days.  My cancelled classes and the subsequent three days of NOTHING on the calendar became a blessing rather than a curse.  I do think that He is teaching me to enjoy the moment.  To live in the present.  And I am thoroughly enjoying it!

Who would have thought it would have required a trip to a foreign land to bring about this change?  But some lessons are only learned on field trips.

How about you?  How are you doing being “present?”  How are you doing enjoying the moment?