It is Well With My Soul

How many times have I sung that wonderful hymn, It is Well with My Soul? Dozens? Hundreds? And to know the story behind adds even more meaning and depth to it. (Check out the story here.) Many of those times I sang because I knew that it was true mentally but I was not “feeling” it. I was following the advice of one of my favorite motivational speakers, Zig Ziglar, “You can never feel you way into acting but you can act your way into feeling.”

So, by faith I just sang it and most of the time the feelings did follow and it was well with my soul. My soul. My mind, my will, my emotions were all rightly aligned with God and there was peace and even joy.

Other times I sang and life was going great. All the ducks I wanted/owned/loved were in a row. My soul was at peace because my circumstances were right.

However, lately, through the amazing work of the Never Changing God Who is ever changing me (thank you, Jennifer K. Dean), I can sing that song with truth and clarity despite my circumstances and not in a “fake it until you make it mode.” But, deeply knowing that all is well with my soul not because of “good” circumstances or despite “bad” circumstances. It is well because God is on the throne and He calls me His own.

Are there people close to me that are not walking in the abundancy Christ died on the cross to give them? Yes, they are but it is still well with my soul.

Is my dad struggling after the loss of his wife of almost 30 years? Yes, he is but it is still well with my soul.

Is my schedule still full and sometimes overwhelming? Yes, it is but it is still well with my soul.

Is God continuing to reveal to me my deep need for a Savior? Yes, He is but it is still well with my soul.

Am I still walking in singleness? Yes, I am but it is still well with my soul.

What about you? Do your circumstances control your soul? Does bad stuff cause you to make poor choices in your thought life, your eating, your relationships, etc.? Do challenges cause you to worry and fret and not trust? How are things with your soul?