All of my life I have been a go-er! My family was one to quickly pack a bag and go on an adventure. Whether it was a Sunday afternoon drive where we explored different cities or if it was a fast weekend trip to Key West to watch the Cuba Boatlift in 1980. In college, many evenings my friends and I just into my Firebird and headed up I-75 to see what trouble we could get into in Atlanta. And in all of these goings my thought was to do it quickly! Earlier this year, I felt impressed of the Lord to slow it down – not quit going but just do it slower. The word I sensed Him saying was to stroll…the 1828 Webster dictionary defines strolling as to ramble idly or leisurely. Jesus walked the earth at 3 mph…I do nothing at 3 mph! But knowing that my life was taking some significant turns, I decide I would give this strolling thing a try and the first time I really did it was on a trip back from Charlotte.

My mentality when on an interstate is a bit like NASCAR – I either need to be passing the car in front of me or drafting. So, if I was to stroll home on this trip, the interstate was not the solution. So, thanks to the Maps app I was able to plot a course home with using any interstate. Was it a longer distance? Yes, but not much about 20 miles. Did it take longer timewise? For sure, almost 2 hours. Was it worth it? Every mile and every minute.

Three ways it was worth it…#1: there was no stress in driving. A lot of the trip was two lane roads and so there was no place for me to pass. Just set it on intelligent cruise and enjoyed the journey. #2: it brought back great memories of other trips I have taken that where off the beaten path and showed me that LOTS of people don’t live the fast-paced lifestyle. #3: find this great hole in the wall diner.

When dinner time drew near, I began looking for a spot to enjoy a nice meal. McD’s or Burger King really aren’t appropriate for a strolling trip. While I approached Comer, GA (pop. 1,159), I saw six cars turn in a row turn down a side street. As I passed the corner, I looked back and saw the street lined with cars in front of Maggie’s Café. I had found my spot!Inside it was bustling with activity and lots of friendly faces. I chose the dinner special which was fried pork chops, hash brown and CA blend veggies. It was yummy!! I did avoid the wonderful dessert case!

As I pulled into my driveway at 7 pm rather than 4 pm, I was a bit disappointed the trip was over, but I knew that this wasn’t going to be the last strolling trip I would take.