Integrity Lived Out


One of the highest compliments I ever received was by spiritual mentor who said I was a person of integrity. My definition of integrity includes not only doing the right thing but your yes being a yes and your no being a no. Has this made me “poorer”? For sure. 

Things like being way undercharged for a map book because the rookie cashier (nor I) could not find the price but when I found it later at home, going back and paying the difference. Financial costs. Making plans to help someone and then getting invited to something that would be more fun and not cancelling on them. Social cost. Saying you will have a project done by Friday and meeting deadlines. Time cost. 

But I would rather be poor in these areas and have integrity then be a fool and rich. May I always take the “high” road and not the cheap one. 

What about you? Does your talk match your walk?