Solving Problems is My Gift


During the past few years, I have spent a lot of time thinking about what skills I possess as well as my passions. Where these two converge is helping others solve administrative/logistical problems. And since when I have done this I add value to those I serve, why not start a virtual assistance business?

Here are a few services I can offer:

  • Creating and Sending Newsletters or Mass Emails

  • Creating Powerpoint or Keynote presentations

  • Creating/updating/maintaining databases and CRMs

  • Collating business cards into an Excel sheet for uploading to CRMs or address books

  • Creating Memes with free art

  • Data entry

  • Video editing and uploading

  • Blogpost uploading

  • Setting up and maintaining Calendly 

  • Social media set up/maintenance/ scheduling

  • Setting up/managing webinars

  • Event coordination – venue finding and confirmation, managing registration and attendees

  • Diary/calendar management – scheduling meetings, syncing with devices, adding upcoming events

  • Email management and detox

  • Researching/making travel and accommodation arrangements

  • Lifestyle coaching and values creation

  • Gmail set up, importing and creating labels/filters/folders

  • Developing systems for efficiency of work

  • Weekly planning of priorities

If you have the least bit of interest in learning more about this, book a 15 minute call with me to discuss it. You can go to this link to do that.

Of course, the first question is always how much? So to get that out of the hourly rate would be $35-95 and the difference will depend on the actual project. All of which is negotiable so why not find 15 minutes and book a time for us to visit on my calendar. We can see if I can help you leverage yourself and determine what is the best and highest use of your time.