Deep Waters

Yesterday morning I read some tragic news. World renowned economist, Alan Krueger, committed suicide in his home. He was only 58 years old. I immediately sent a text to some friends and said, “I have been there and thought it was the only solution but as soon as I reached out my friends rallied....did he not reach out? Did he not have friends? Did they not rally? Tell your friends that they can reach out to you. We will rally!”

What my friends did for me was provide wise counsel that could help draw out the purposes of my heart. My counsel could probe and poke until the point of frustration but in the end I was so glad she did. She knew when to push towards the edge and when to pull me towards her in a hug. She was a woman of understanding. 

 There are people out there like that who can minister, encourage and ministered to you in all areas of your life. But the first step is you reaching out.