Personal Coaching
with Becky Turner

As a personal coach, Becky’s desire is to provide you a safe, confident, wise person to talk through dreams, struggles and plans. You will be able to both vision and vent with Becky and walk away with specific tactical items to take your life to the next level. You will be able to fulfill your goals and accomplish your dreams as Becky gently and lovingly holds you accountable to what you want to do and provides alternative options when Plan A doesn’t work out.

Coaching for Non-profit Executives 
with Becky Turner

As 20+ year veteran of the non-profit world, Becky has seen just about everything from the board room to the back office. Her experience will allow you to not only advance the mission of your organization but you will do it with less stress and headache. Becky’s strategic gifting will help you develop the plans and activities you need to hear “Well done, My good and faithful servant.”

Over 20 years of non-profit experience

With Becky’s 20+ years of non-profit experience that includes direct services, fundraising as well as executive level management, she is able to assist organizations in fulfilling their missions through creation, implementation and completion of fund development and operational excellence strategies.  Below are just some of her non-profit accomplishments:

  • Revamped and Reopened Maternity Home Ministry

  • Developed Extensive Staff Training Materials

  • In 3+ years, increased assets from $250K to over $600K

  • Developed and Implemented State Wide Special Events Campaigns

  • Created Annual Development Plans

  • Raised over $2.8M as Keynote Speaker at 19 events over a two year period

These achievements have been accomplished because of the unique way that God has created Becky.  He has given her specific strengths that make her effective and efficient in working with others in accomplishing their God-given callings.  Based on the Clifton’s Strengths Finder test, her top three strengths are Achiever, Activator and Strategic.  An Achiever wants to get it done.  An Activator wants to get it done now.  And, a Strategist knows how to get it done.

Concerning personal coaching, Becky has 10 years of one on one coaching with best selling authors, CEOs and stay at home moms. As you work with Becky, you will gain clarity  in your mission, passion for your calling and a system to get it done,